On yoga the architecture of peace

On yoga the architecture of peace

On yoga the architecture of peace watch online free

Hence the surprise of using new tools to achieve it, for example photography and documentary film, which can serve to bring us closer to the wonderful benefits of yoga, in a new and inspiring way.

This beautiful work shows us the power of yoga, reflected in the eyes of true yogis, and radiated by the peace they transmit. In addition, it manages to be a historical document of this particular moment, in which yoga has transcended Eastern borders, becoming the way of life of more than 250 million people around the world.

Yoga, the architecture of peace, is a journey in search of meaning. But it is also a sort of homage to what this practice is, which will not leave you indifferent. The best thing is that it is available on Netflix, or on Youtube for a fee.

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Youtube sobre el yoga la arquitectura de la paz

Esta extraordinaria obra cuenta la historia del yoga como nunca antes se había contado. Con casi 200 imágenes, se traza el viaje fotográfico de Michael O’Neill, el fotógrafo y yogui que pasó una década recorriendo América y la India para capturar la esencia del yoga y de los yoguis más influyentes de nuestro tiempo como una práctica física, espiritual y consciente. Las imágenes están iluminadas con historias de sus viajes y ensayos del maestro de meditación S.S. Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji y del gurú del Ashtanga Eddie Stern.

Yoga architecture of peace

It was then that yoga presented itself to him as an option to heal his nervous system, slow down his life to appreciate it and discover a millenary world where time passes at a different pace and priorities are far from the New York glamour to which he was accustomed.

First it was a book published in 2015 by Taschen and now it is a documentary available on Netflix, in which we can discover the philosophical keys of yoga and its basis as a spiritual discipline. It is a call to the awakening of consciousness to change our approach to the privilege and meaning of existence, of being. And that’s a great reason to watch it.

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If you love yoga and are already familiar with its history and principles, this documentary will remind you why you chose this practice as part of your evolution. But if you’re not a yogi, I recommend it twice as much, because it’s a simple way to learn what it’s all about and, in addition, get a message that is useful for life, whether you do yoga or not. It is guaranteed inspiration.

Yoga, the architecture of peace full documentary

Yoga, the architecture of peace is a documentary available on Netflix and director Heitor Dhalia takes a journey to the origins in search of the possibility of inner self-understanding through this practice.

For a decade, photographer and yogi Michael O’Neill travels through India, Tibet and New York in search of the essence of Yoga. From striking images and inspiring conversations with teachers, whom you will see performing different types of asanas (yoga postures), he builds a journey in search of personal enlightenment.

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